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CIPOS eTailor Software is the most affordable, complete, robust, user-friendly and customizable tailor software for tailors and boutiques in Dubai.

CloudChain Softwares – CIPOS eTailor

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CIPOS eTailor software from CloudChain Softwares House LLC is a tailoring software that automates the complete business process for tailors and boutiques. 
It is widely used by tailoring shops in Dubai, UAE. The companies not filing VAT can use this to automate the business process, whereas the companies filing VAT can also use this as the Point Of Sales software. 
A complete CIPOS eTailor software helps to do business operations, have a database of all the customers, have handy records of past invoices and payments of customers, notify balance payments from any customers, improve productivity and stay compliant with tax rules.

With 3+ years of experience in CIPOS software development for various businesses such as Laundry, Grocery, Tailoring, General Trading, Gym, and so on, makes our software very reliable for Point Of Sales and any business automation.

Features of CIPOS eTailor :

  • Customer information management
  • Easy to add new customers in the database
  • Emirati, Kuwaiti, Saudi, Bahraini, Omani, Qatari Kandora styles
  • Customers’ measurements
  • Reports – Customer collection, Customer sales, Category-wise reports
  • Dedicated reporting server
  • Customised Invoice Inquiry based on the Invoice number, customer name, dates, Invoice type (Paid, Balance, All)
  • Last Payment details of the customer
  • Last visit date of customer
  • Reprint any old invoice
  • Save invoices in PDF and Excel formats
  • Get pending balance amount for any customer
  • Delivery status tracking
  • Home Delivery and Self pick-up options available
  • Record number of orders delivered and in progress
  • Payment modes – Cash, Card, Cheque
  • Customer based pricing
  • Partial payment option available
  • Payment balance from previous transactions
  • Easy Database Backup
  • Account Receivables / Account payables
  • Banking & Ledger
  • Purchase and Sales records and analysis
  • Work-In-Progress tracks step-by-step execution of the tailoring process

Why CIPOS eTailor?

Kandora styles and Measurements –
  • Various kandora types – Emirati, Kuwaiti, Saudi, Bahraini, Omani, Qatari
  • Customers can choose the styles for all the above mentioned kandora types
  • eTailor is capable of storing the kandora measurements for any customer and reuse it in the future
  • Work-In-Progress tracks the step-by-step execution of the tailoring process
  • Tracking of processes – Cloth issued, Master cut, Stitched, Quality check, Trial, Delivered/Closed
  • Work-In-Progress part of software also allows the user to know Kandora type, styles and measurements
Customer information management –
  • Customer database is maintained, which has details of all past invoices, deliveries and payments are recorded
  • New customer can be easily added into the database
  • Any balance payment amounts from previous invoices are also recorded and maintained
Reports –
  • Reports for business analysis
  • Terminal reports such as collection reports, sales reports, category-wise reports and so on, to analyse based on daily reports, total collection or sales details report and summary
  • Dedicated reporting server
  • Invoice inquiry based on the invoice number, customer name, range of dates, invoice type (paid, balance, all)
  • The last visit and last payment details for any selected customer
  • Enhanced and elaborate customer invoice analysis reports
  • Payment modes – Card, Cash and Cheque
  • Efficient tracking of balance payment from previous invoices
  • CIPOS eTailor software has the facility to track the product delivery
  • eTailor allows the customers to choose between Home-Delivery or Self pick-up
  • eTailor Deliveries section in software keeps the record of deliveries being made today, deliveries overdue and all the future deliveries.

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