Gold / Jewellery Software in Dubai

CIPOS Gold Software is the most affordable, complete, robust, user-friendly and customizable jewellery software in Dubai.

CloudChain Softwares – CIPOS Gold

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CIPOS Gold Software from CloudChain Softwares House LLC is a software that automates the complete business process for Gold / Jewellery shops or markets. The CIPOS Gold from CloudChain Softwares is widely used by many Gold and Jewellery shops in Dubai, UAE. CIPOS Gold does precise and effective VAT calculations on Gold and other jewelry items. It maintains the records for the purchase of gold / other metals and reports of Sales.

The CloudChain Softwares offers it’s CIPOS Gold customers with the software themes, so they can choose the theme/color for the software they are comfortable in.

Why CIPOS Gold?

Set Gold Rate of the day easily!

The software allows the user to set the Gold Rate of the day whenever the user logs-in, so that all the transactions of the day can be carried out with the set Gold rate. The Gold rate can also be changed anytime in the middle of the day because of the market rate changes.

‘Special Purchase’ facility of CIPOS Gold software helps the user to keep track of the gold and other metal purchases.

Keeping records is no more a headache because CloudChain Softwares brings to you the software which keeps all records for you. Be it records based on a daily basis, or monthly basis or yearly basis; record based on Salesperson; records in between particular dates; records of purchases.. everything is possible with CIPOS Gold.

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